The idea of FLAVORITS was born in 2015. I travel frequently and I have worked with distinguished chefs from around the world and they all insisted with passion on a common finding. Food should work as fuel. Be as tasty as nutritious.

So, I started to notice the eating habits of people around me. I tried to understand why food guides our emotions and we refuse to listen to logic. I tried many recipes and experimented with dozens of ingredients in the kitchen.

I wondered, how can a meal be equally delicious and healthy?

Can a collection of flavors, that fit into a bottle, enhance the overall result? And I found it

With a lot of passion and enthusiasm, unlimited love for the creative and well cooked food, I created a series of five different selections of flavors. Five functional containers with blended spices and fresh raw ingredients that will satisfy your emotion and logic with just one move.

The natural secret of your kitchen that will change the taste and quality of your food forever!

– Lambros Vakiaros